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SCENARIO recap from phase one in the Data-Driven Process Improvement course: You are the guest service manager of an amusement park. You are able to track each annual pass-holder to determine when they signed up, how many visits they make per year, how much they spend on a trip level and annually, the duration of each trip, and what ride and food vendors they frequent. After five years of seeing a steady annual increase in park revenue, you have recognized a recent drop in guest spending on food vendors at the property. When looking at the number of guests that visited for the year you see the number of unique pass-holders is higher than it has been in five years. Your corporate strategy includes: providing safe entertainment for guests and employees; flexible and diverse programs; and fun, unique restaurants at an affordable cost. Your process improvement team consists of a concierge manager, business manager, food manager, marketing lead, facility manager, and children’s programming manager. Each had a different reaction to the revenue drop in food sales.

ASSIGNMENT: In this assignment, you are to describe the logical steps to developing an action plan to address key points discovered during analysis and subsequently, develop an action plan. In addition, you are to outline how your plan may affect other situations. You will submit a maximum 500 word, one-page response, a short PPT

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