Writing Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide a venue for you to review your career aspirations and goals; to help you develop an informed view of your chosen career; to learn about the educational and experiential requirements for the career and to develop an understanding of work related activities and advancement within the career.


  • What is your major area of study?

Information Technology in Data Science & Analytics-IDSC

  • Is your major related or relevant to your career aspirations?

Yes I want to be a Data Scientist

  • Describe the career area and activities you envision in your future?

I want to be a Data Scientist

  • How did you select this career?

I was in Computer Engineering but it was hard so my guidance counselor recommended that I try Information Technology in Data Science & Analytics-IDSC and I loved it ever since.

Main Paragraphs

  • Do you have experience in this career area? Two years of college
  • Have you visited the USF Career Services Website (prior to this assignment)? Yes, but I need to create a profile.
  • Have you attended Career Services events? No I have not attended but I will attend in the future
  • Do you have internship experience? I do not have internship experience

Other job experience? I work for a company as a IT Helpdesk for salesforce platform.

  • Have you done research for your chosen career using digital and other resources , if you have done research… Yes I have done research on various websites about becoming a Data Scientist
  • What resources did you use? I used Datacamp and other online resources to learn about becoming a Data Scientist

What have you learned about your chosen career? That Data Scientist work in R Studio Have you learned anything new? I have learned that Data Scientist work for the Federal Reserve.

  • If you have not done research complete the research about your chosen career and provide the information for the questions:


  • What plans do you have to enter your chosen career? I want to start an Internship at a company for 6 months and then move permanently with a company until retirement.
  • Provide any additional information about your career aspirations. I want to work my way from the bottom of a company as an internship and eventually be a manager to other Data Scientist

Details for the essay

Suggested length: 2 pages plus reference page if applicable.

Use a format with a distinct introductory paragraph –to define what you are writing about and establish the context of the writing, in this case the policy; body paragraphs – will contain the main topic content; and conclusion – to summarize what you have written.

The assignment MUST include the following:

  • Correct APA Format for in-text citations (when used)
  • Introductory paragraph,
  • Text body paragraphs,
  • Concluding paragraph,
  • List of references (labeled References) on a separate page (when used),
  • Use MS WORD as a “.doc” or “.docx” document only!
  • Check spelling and grammar,
  • Formatting for the text pages should be as follows: 1-inch margins, 12-point font, double spaced, page numbers, and last name in the header.
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