1.2 Discussion: Leadership Lesson 1 – Characteristics of a Virtuous Business

Learning Goal: I’m working on a computer science discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

ITM-470: Information Technology Management Getting Started

Corporate culture can have a profound effect on how the company operates, how it deals with the public, and how it reacts to opportunities in the industry. A company might have a recognition culture to celebrate successes or be socially conscious about feeding the hungry in the world, or giving away a pair of socks like Bombas to the needy when they sell a pair.

What makes a consumer want to keep coming back to a specific company? Why would someone try so hard to find a job with a specific company?
How does company culture affect buying products from a company or wanting to work for that company?

In this assignment, the reading will help clarify what culture should look like from both a view of an enticing culture and more importantly a Biblical virtuous culture.

Upon successful completion of this discussion, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Virtuous Business Model and provide characteristics to produce a virtuous environment for those you manage.


  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Read the following:
    1. Chapter 17 in Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
    2. Whitepaper: Making Business Virtuous (DeVoe School of Business) (PDF document)
  3. After reading chapter 17 in Leaders Eat Last and Making Business Virtuous, then navigate to the threaded discussion to respond to the following questions in your initial post.
    1. What “virtuous business characteristics” do you see in how Goldman Sachs was managed before what Simon Sinek describes happened after the 1990s?
    2. How could Goldman Sachs have better aligned themselves with the characteristics of the virtuous business model in order to have protected themselves and maintained a better culture?
    3. How has the reading challenged you in how you would manage an IT department?
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