A Defense of Abortion” by Judith Jarvis Thomson and “Why Abortion Is Immoral” by Don Marquis)

Write a 3.5—5 page paper following MLA guidelines. You will be penalized for failure to follow MLA guidelines. You are to analyze the key arguments either for or against the morality of abortion given your reading of the two articles assigned (“A Defense of Abortion” by Judith Jarvis Thomson and “Why Abortion Is Immoral” by Don Marquis). The focus is on your understanding of the debate as presented in the two articles. This paper will demonstrate your ability to responsibly address a difficult issue and to communicate your understanding of the arguments under consideration. Make sure, in the course of writing your paper, that you summarize and analyze the core elements of each article using your own words while providing citations for main ideas and quotes.

More specifically, in the Judith Jarvis Thomson article make sure to explain, clarify and analyze the violinist example, the people seeds example and how she explains what right to life really means.

Also, make sure when discussing the Marquis article to explain: the type of moral reasoning he uses (i.e. is it deontological, utilitarian, etc.), how he analyzes why it is wrong to kill an adult human being and what he says about contraception.

Finally, tell me which view you find to be more rationally (not emotionally) persuasive and why.

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