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Dear Members of SPGC committee,

I am writing because I would like this committee to know there are. I know my grades were not good for the quarter, but there were circumstances that led to my poor performance which one of them were difficult for me share publicly or use it as an excuse. such, circumstances were, the loss of my beloved, I didn’t use the student education services, and I didn’t seek help when I needed it from the resources available in school.

Before the quarter started, I had a funeral of my beloved mother on May 20th, 2022, and I had to travel overseas for her funeral and returned to United to States on 5/26/2022. Our orientation started on 6/3/2022. when the quarter session started, I thought I could handle everything regarding academics and the loss my mother but as time goes on, I realized the healing process of the loss is taking a toll on me. I didn’t want to withdraw because that was not an option for because getting into pharmacy is a dream come true.

I didn’t take the advantage of academic resources available in school when I realized I am going down water, rather I felt it was all about me putting more effort and that will make me succeed. The reverse is the case now for me. if I would have seek for help and take advantage of the resources available in school as one of my faculty (Dr. Langan) earlier told me I wouldn’t be where I am today in terms of my academic performance.

Another regret that I have is I didn’t reach out the way I suppose to. I didn’t seek help from my faculty and student education specialist Mr. Bank. When I went to her for help it was already late for me. I remember she told me the tutoring service has closed for quarter because we on the path for couple more final exams, that the tutoring service has closed Friday.

Going forward, I feel better that I have healed enough to focus on myself and academics not the loss of my mother because of how I processed it mentally weeks and months back. I have set priorities on how to study and have study group. I will make seeking help a priority by taking the advantage of the resources available in school if am behind on any course.

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