Global HR Management

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Part 1)

Please respond to the following:

  • Consider IHRM in Action Case 9.3: Degussa’s global code of conduct from this week’s reading. What do you think makes codes of conduct successful in managing industrial relations in MNEs? How could Degussa improve its global code of conduct?

Part 2)

  • Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ post below:
  • A company’s “code of conduct” is generally a company’s ethics, stipulations, and policies. Our textbook defines a company’s code of conduct as the “Policy document that provides rules, boundaries and stipulates acceptable standards of behavior” (Dowling, Festing & Engle, Sr., 1, p. 256/4). A code of conduct is a set of standards to be followed throughout the company. Degussa’s global code of conduct is generic, and they developed it thinking it would work globally. As discussed in this class, the host country’s culture plays a role in expatriates and the company’s success. IHRM practices concerning MNEs should recognize differences in the country’s culture and social rules. Countries like Germany have different labor laws, working conditions, and regulations. It is essential to align the “Code of conduct” in industrial relations. Global industrial relations may involve companies in that country providing production or manufacturing services. Some larger companies have been on the news with accusations of child labor or condoning long hours, but, they had no knowledge or control. Degussa organization includes facilities, marketing, and sales; thus, political, and social issues in the country potentially impact the business negatively (Dowling, Festing, Engle, Sr.,1). Source:Dowling, Festing & Engle, Sr.. 2020. International Human Resources Management. p. 242-266. BUS325 Textbook.
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