Training and Development

Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need guidance to help me learn.

Part 1)

Based on the discussion preparation scenario, select one of the four key areas of training and assess the likelihood that the chosen training area will enhance business development through increased ROI.

Key Areas of Training: Role of Competencies:

Training may be (Dubois & Rothwell, 2004) unplanned or planned. When it’s unplanned, participants are asked to shadow experienced performers. It’s rarely effective because people can’t learn how to perform by merely watching others perform. When training is planned, it probably follows an approach based on the instructional systems design mode. The ISD model is a systematic approach to training. ISD model is a nine-step process which includes analyzing the performance problem, examining organizational work requirements, comparing what workers actually know, writing instructional objectives, making training content, deciding how to deliver the training, conducting a formative evaluation, delivering the training, and conducting a final assessment of training (2004, p.50). The ISD model has been proven to be effective in getting results in improved job performance.

Dubois presented a strategic and systematic approach to creating and evaluating competency-based employee training and other performance improvement experiences called, the Strategic Systems Model. SSM has received wide acceptance and application by practitioners responsible for meeting competency-based employee training and other competency-based employee performance improvement requirements in organization settings.

The SSM includes the following:

  1. Front-end needs analysis
  2. Assessment and planning aligned with the organization’s strategic goals and plans
  3. Competency model development
  4. Curriculum planning
  5. Learning intervention design, development, and delivery
  6. Evaluation (Dubois & Rothwell, 2004, p.50)

Debois and Rothwell (2004) tie the focus, the model of this study with the chosen factors that affect employee performance.

The model is implemented relative to factors that affect organizational and employee performance that are not only internal, but also external to the organization. The Strategic Systems Model is particularly useful to people confronted with designing a curriculum that includes numerous training and other opportunities for a diverse population of employees in systematic and strategic contexts. (p.50)

Part 2) Reply to classmate’s post below:

Hello classmates,

As mentioned in this week’s discussion scenario, orientation training is the most common and most neglected training. Orientation training, however, is the most critical part of the onboarding process, as it sets the tone of the company, job expectations, and gives the employee and idea of what management expects. Orientation training is important because it touches on all 5 key areas of training, and it provides the employee with concise and accurate information to make him/her more comfortable on the job.

According to Oregon State University – University Human Resources(1), orienation has several benefits of importance including:

  • Encouraging employee confidence
  • Helps the employee adapt faster to the job;
  • Contributes to a more effective and productive workforce;
  • Improves employee retention/reduces turnover and;
  • Promotes communication with the new employee and members of manangement

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!

Meghan Stull



1. University Human Resources, Oregon State University. 2022. Why is Orientation So Important?.,Improves%20employee%20retention%3B%20and

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