Microeconomics tutorial 5

Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Hi there, the first two screenshots are the questions, and the second pdf file is the answer, please answer all the questions with CORRECT AND STEP BY STEP EXPLANATIONS, the answers are provided to guide your work and check your work, please do not replicate this, please use as many as reference links as possible to assist me in studying for this.

Hi there, please make sure EXPLAIN WHAT ALL THE SYMBOLS MEANS AND EXPLAIN ALL THE THEORIES, the answers are provided in the pdf and the questions are the first two screenshots

please I must emphasise explain these questions in a way that you are explaining to someone who has not done the subject before, I am the VIP user so please explain them well, thank you!

Hi there, please I must emphasise explain the questions, explain the answers, because the answers are provided so please do not provide the replicate of the answer

I am the VIP user on this platform and I have many other questions to post, if we work well this time we may work the next time, thank you.

please submit on time

make a lot of references to external study websites that have close theories related to this

and any pdfs or anything for explanations or study notes about topics related to all the three questions, thank you

I have other questions to post and I am currently a VIP user so if we work well this time we can work the next time

which is good for your ranking, so please do fulfil all the requirements and explain not replicate the answers, references for the study websites, thank you.

Please make it as question in bold, label the question clearly, then provide the answer which is not in bold. Make references to simple studying websites and do not write it in academic style format but rather this is looking for explanations in plain language. Do explain all the questions and do not replicate the answers at anytime!!!

Please note the 1 st pdf is the answer and the second pdf which says ex5 is the question, thanks!

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