Justification the idea of money paid contributes a bribe or gift week 9

Learning Goal: I’m working on a management writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

During our class discussionspertaining to ethics and morality. I kept asking you questions about graft, bribery and ethical conduct in your countries and cultures. Some of you said that bribery is quite common in underdeveloped countries because officials are underpaid. I gave you examples of guanxi in china, Bustarella in Italy and Reshveh in Iran etc.
For instance there are countries in which giving a gift or money to bureaucrats or police officers are accepted with one closed eye. In other countries including canada you may end up in prison. However in many countries if you want to win a business contract you are required to bribe an official.Using Apa with reference write between 400-600 words justifying or debunking the idea of whether the money paid constitutes a bribe or gift. Upload your findings with citation. The paper should start with an intro followed by main body and then conclusion

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