sociology of education

Learning Goal: I’m working on a sociology multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

For this assignment you are asked to produce an educational autobiography that will represent a critical reflection of your personal schooling experience. To do so, you need to associate aspects of your K-12 educational experiences with the social (family, peer group, community, society), cultural, political and historical context and connect your understanding of this experience to sociological concepts and research that we have covered in class. You can use any of the material that you have produced throughout the quarter (forum entries, class discussions, group exercises, etc.). The basic requirement is to write a coherent essay relating your personal experience to the socio-political context associated with the schooling institution. You need to draw on specific course concepts, readings, and other sociological literature that address the issues you will discuss. You will be evaluated on how well you have been able to relate social-structural factors to your individual experience.

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