visual culture

Find an example in contemporary visual culture (loosely defined: fine arts, film, tv, advertisement, theatre, (music) videos, posters etc), where fictional treatment acts as an analogy for contemporary socio-political issues, historical events, or a critique of current issues, or Your selection does not have to be limited to current day, but try to keep your selections to the last century or so.

Write about your selection explaining how this analogy as a powerful message, and an effective way to communicate to certain group of people, which can also include “propoaganda”. Include an image.

(alternatively, you may choose to write about your experience watching the olympics this week: offer an intelligent reflection about what you see and how you experience the essence of ancient greek spirit, the attainment of excellence, heroism, the principal of agon and civic pride…etc. think about how we commemorate our victors, or not…).

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