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In an MLA-formatted word document that you will submit to this link as an attachment, create an alphanumeric outline for your research paper about your novel. The outline allows you to put your ideas for your research paper.

The outline should be developed at least as far as the capital letter level (major sub-topics). You may, after this assignment and before the final draft of the term paper, decide to change your organization, add information, delete information, and make other changes. This outline is simply a working document intended to demonstrate that you are not attempting to do the entirety of a major assignment the day before it is due.

Select the following link to view an Example of an Outline for the Research Paper. Review the information on outlines in the Research Paper Guidelines and Instructions Folder BEFORE submitting this assignment according to the due date given in the Course Calendar on Syllabus, Page 2.

Comments will be returned to you in the gradebook and can be accessed by clicking on the grade or submission name.

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