Literature Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a literature writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

You are going to write about two works JOHN UPDIKE (1932–2009) A & P 1961 , LANGSTON HUGHES (1902–1967) SALVATION 1940 I included from the book Literature: The human experience, Reading and writing 13th edition. Innocence and experience. Try not focus and summarizing and assume your audience knows about the pieces you are writing about. That does not mean not to give a short summary but not to focus only on the summary. Be sure to identify the works and their authors in the introduction by their first and last name. After that it can be by last name only. Always write in the present tense like Young Goodman says not said. two sources are required and one of them can be the reading. When you cite the source be sure to cite the author not the editiers from the textbook. I also attached an example in the instruction. Always introduce and explain any quotes.

You can choose one to write about: Theme exploration, Explication, Analysis, or comparison and contrast. They also can overlap.

I attached the two readings you need to write about as well as the assignment instruction with how to draft the essay. Please read all attachments because they have the needed information. The first one is only the readings from the book.

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