Psychology Question

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Given what you now know about rater error, accuracy and rater motivation, what recommendations would you make for the organization you work for, or an organization you have worked for in the past, to increase rater motivation and decrease rater error? In order to answer this question, please describe the three ineffective tactics the organization should stop or avoid and describe the three best practices they should implement in place of those ineffective tactics, given their culture, current system and presenting problems and organizational constraints. These can come from any of the modules in this course.

This paper should be a critical analysis of ALL material you have read and learned so far, and an application of the most fitting research findings to your particular organization.

The paper should be 800-1,000 words, not including title or reference pages. This paper should be in business format, written as a proposal to your organization. Organize this report by introducing the company description – not the name (if you do not wish to share it), but information about the culture, current performance management practices and existing problems if they are present. Next describe your ineffective tactics to avoid and then your best practices to implement. Make sure to cite readings from this course to back up your recommendations – a minimum of four references is required.

Paper Requirements

  • Length: 1000 words
  • Single- or Double-spaced, 10- or 12-point font, 1-inch margins
  • Business Professional F
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