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After watching each video (BBC: The Story of India- Episode 1 beginning) reflect on it and write a one page response to it – your reactions, new information you may have learned, were surprised by or felt was significant, critiques, revelations (did the video change your previously held views or perceptions?), etc. Be specific rather than general (e.g. use examples from videos/readings in your discussion). Note that I am NOT looking for a summary of every detail of the movie – I have watched each of these movies multiple times and am well aware of the content. Rather, the responses should convey to me what you have learned and what kind of connections you have made between the readings, lecture, and movies and how this may relate to your own life or beliefs. You will be graded on grammar/spelling as well, so please write them as professional and academic papers. These should be 1-2 pages, single-spaced, and uploaded to Canvas as a word doc or txt file.

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